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Fine Jewelry Guide to Buying
Kissing Auctions provide a unique opportunity to purchase rare and one-of-a-kind antique and modern jewellery through registered Vendors. Another advantage of buying at auction is that the costs are often significantly lower than the retail price of similar jewellery. We provide best possible prices from our vendors thus giving benefits directly to our buyers / bidders.

Fine Gemstones And Diamonds
Our Collection of Premium Large Diamonds and Precious Gemstones Like Rubies , Emeralds , Sapphires , Alexandrite, Paraiba Tourmaline and many more provided by our vendors for selling. Our extensive findings and collections of Premium Diamonds ,Sapphires , Rubies and Emeralds, within the parameter of our estates speaks for itself.  Our direct sources from Vendors to Miners and Lapidarist to Wholesale dealers / Vendors around the world adds to extensive collection of Gem Stones and Diamonds and keeps our Auction prices at the lowest.

Before Auction
Before auctions, we publish catalogs that include color photographs, descriptions and estimates of all pieces offered for sale. All the lots offered at the Auction prior to the auction, are examined and evaluated by our experts carefully. Private viewings in our offices may also be arranged on prior appointments.

There are various methods of bidding at auction. At the moment on line Timed Auctions are available and organized regularly. An on line live timed auction is quite exciting and features photos of each lot projected onto a large screen as well during bidding.

For those new to the auction process, we want to reassure you that bids cannot be made unintentionally.

In accordance with our conditions of sale. As another convenient alternative, the Sant`Elia  AUCTIONS LIVE (register here) option allows you to bid via your Computer / Mobile during the auction.

After Auction
After a successful bid, you may pick up your purchase the day following the auction at our Delhi office. If you prefer, we can arrange to have the property packaged and shipped to you. Depending on the value as well as your preference, your package can be shipped via FedEx.

Buy Now Option
Goods that have remained unsold during an auction are offered for sale shortly afterwards during the after sales. In the online catalogs of the after sales, these goods will be displayed for another 2 to 3 weeks. If you are interested in an object, you can send us an email.

Please note: first come, first serve.

Online Catalog
For your convenience, we post a searchable catalog of all pieces on our website at least 2 weeks  prior to auction. You may also browse the archives of lots and prices from previous auctions.

Condition reports are readily available from the description page of each lot on this web site beginning two weeks prior to each auction. Such reports reflect our opinion only, to the best of our knowledge, and may not necessarily be complete. Please contact us if you require a more detailed analysis.